Should you be decorating a room, and looking for a way to bring cohesion to the space then look no further. If you are working with mismatched tables and chairs, or furniture that has been scratched or otherwise visually damaged then paint everything either all white, or all black. Yes you read that right, as either of those two colours will bring in harmony amongst otherwise mismatched furniture, or aid in concealing imperfections on the surface of those items.

If you want to create an airy, light infused area then select shades of white for the makeover of your cabinets and desks. By washing everything in white you will also produce an undeniable feeling of cleanliness. Things will feel crisp, tidy and well-balanced. Not bad for just picking up a paintbrush eh?

Or, if you are pursuing a polished appearance, then black is your colour. To bring in emphasis or to highlight certain features on an arm chair, or the decorative detail of a drawer bring in some black lacquer paint. This will generate a sleek and contemporary feel, while hiding a heap of dings, or discoulored sections.

Selecting either of these colours to paint your furnishings will remove the attention from imperfections. Upon completion you will have a totally reinvented space.