Most people who have visited a boutique hotel yearn to recreate that feeling of a luxurious boudoir in their own homes once they return from their stay. That combination of luxury, style and extreme comfort is truly seducing and yet highly achievable with the right bedroom furniture, design and styling.

The trick to choosing the right furniture for a luxurious boudoir feel is to focus on both aesthetics and comfort. Firstly, get your base in order. Do a full sweep of your bedroom and remove all clutter. Look at storage solutions for your clothes, shoes and other items. Integrated wardrobes are perfect for hiding away all your necessities and creating a chic and minimalist finish. Sliding doors are perfect for a sleek aesthetic or opt for large freestanding wardrobes in a modern style. Dark woods or veneers, high gloss whites and creams, or mirrored fronts look fresh and stylish. Alternatively, select vintage chic with French styled wardrobes for a quirky look.

As for the bed, go for a large size but in proportion to the size of your room. Look at divan beds for storage if you need it, or look at luxurious wood sleighbeds, romantic twisted iron frames, or sleek and beautiful pines. Invest in a really good mattress and buy luxury bedding in thick Egyptian cottons, satins or silks, in matching and calming colours that work with your bedroom scheme.

Don’t forget bedside tables either, perhaps choosing quirky coloured tables for a vintage look, or sleek integrated tables that align with your headboard. Whichever you choose, keep them clutter free and place something beautiful on them, such as a candle or some flowers.

Another lovely piece of furniture for the bedroom is a dressing table and there is a huge range of styles to choose from. There are Scandinavian styled chic, retro 1950s aesthetics, minimalist console tables, traditional pines and even urban steels and aluminiums for those who want something different! Think about your overall scheme and opt to have pieces that work together and complement each other.

Remember too that there are plenty of experts available who can help you with your interior design decisions, schemes and creative products. If you’re stuck for inspiration or are struggling to realise your dream of bedroom sanctuary perfection, why not request interior design ideas from 4homes and let the experts share their advice and best practice? It could be a quick and easy step away from the bedroom of your dreams!